Mission Statement

As a Catholic, independent, coeducational, college preparatory, urban, secondary day school, rooted in the Jesuit tradition, Loyola School challenges its young men and women to become intellectually fulfilled, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice. Loyola School is committed to challenging its students religiously, intellectually, aesthetically, physically, and socially. Opportunities for personal study, reflection, and leadership allow students to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, mature as individuals and community members, and realize the goodness inherent in themselves and all God’s creation. In keeping with the Ignatian spirit of cura personalis (care for the whole person), Loyola School strives to develop the diverse and unique talents of each member of the Loyola community, and encourages the use of these talents to serve others for the greater glory of God.

Board of Trustees

Mary Claire Lagno, P’08,

Gillian Panczyk Van Schaick ’80,
Vice Chair

Tony Oroszlany ’87,

Douglas Borkowski ’92

Kathleen Cassidy, P’18, ’19

James R. Cherry

Marguerite Farrell

James P. Finn ’87

John Hanwell, S.J.

Page Hopkins, P’16

Michael C. Johanek

Clarke R. Keough, P’22

Kristin Londal, P’21

Tanya Bastianich Manuali
’89, P’21

Darrell Mays P’20

Sara Miller, P’19

Fernando Morett ’13

Kevin Mulligan, P’19

Sarah C. Osborn, P’20, ’22

Thomas Scarangello, P’15, ’17

Robert F. Sheehy ’68

Kevin F. Simms, P’22

John J. Smith ’94

Rachelle DeBlass Spielvogel ’91

Elaine White, P’21

James Lyness,

Jacques Joseph,
Faculty Representative

Edward Knapp, P’19,
Vice President for Finance

Maria Lopez-Ona,
Vice President for Advancement

Deidre Mahon,
President’s Office Associate

Ashley Pinnell,
Interim Director of Admissions

Mahi Vasiliades, P’21, ’23,
Parents Association Representative